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what are those fiendish looking things?!


These are love bugs. They’re harmless, clumsy, stupid bugs that fly around while mating and bump into everything. When you’re in Florida you will either…

Worst of all is that they STINK when they get squished and they’ll make your paint peel off of your vehicle if you don’t wash them off after hitting a lot of them.











Here it is:


Reasonable human being = feminist.

I think being a reasonable nice person existed before feminism. Plus feminists aren’t always reasonable nor are they helpful, nice, right educated…etc

I’m good I’ll be staying egalitarian. Nice try, but your hoodie doesn’t tempt me to the dark side of tumblr.

Isn’t this how religious fundamentalists try to brainwash those into their religion? “Either you are a <insert religion here> or you are a sinner”.

Or right wing republicans: Either you are for this, or you are against it and that means you hate Murrica.  There is no box marked “other”.  Or when people demand bisexuals pick a side. 

This is some Jonestown type shit. “Either you accept feminism, or drink the Koolaid.”

Apparently I’m also a rapist because I choose to have a consenting BDSM relationship. Seriously what has this movement become?

If you’re not with us, you’re against us!

Sorry, I’m old fashioned. I believe in equality and treated people as equals until they gave me a reason to treat them differently. I’m an independent thinker and a free mind capable of critical thinking. Everything that has to do with the word “Feminism” is nothing but mindless bigotry and inverted thinking that is regressive rather then progressive.

Everything about Feminism is messed up right down to the word since it’s inherently exclusive since the term has a female twist to it to begin with.

The world doesn’t need feminism. The world need free minds and critical thinkers to work together and come up with solutions to problems rather then create more and perpetuate the current issues.

If you want to educate me on what feminism is then you’re certainly welcomed to try, but consider that more likely than not I’m leagues smarter just because my views and opinions are based more on what’s happening in the world and the repercussions that every action could have as an effect. If you think you can “Enlighten” me on something I want you to know that everything you could say will be taken in and analyzed for every possible outcome of that view, action, or ideal. I look towards things that are reasonable and efficient. In other words I look for what’s the best option after considering all of the possibilities. I might not be all knowing or capable of predicting everything, but I certainly try my best to be as smart about it as possible.

Also, there is always other options to everything and there are shades and gradients to everything. It’s not as simple as black or white/right or wrong. People and life is complicated and often there are more things going on them people realize. Most people only see the obvious without ever noticing the subtle things that drive the obvious reasons to occur.

I probably wouldn’t even talk to someone of my own accord if I saw them wearing this and were serious about it. I’d probably inquire if they were serious and would leave it at that. I have a feeling though I’d be on the defense against a person that would wear a hoodie like that just because I’m male. “Confronting” me about feminism and how I’m scum or misogynistic would be a bad move on their part become I do not hold back if you’re going to be rude and verbally harass me. I’ve already been randomly verbally assaulted for no reason while I was at a small mom and pop style hamburger restaurant  and I’m in no mood to have some spoiled child annoy me again.

I’m sorry, but I prefer to treat people like equals and humans deserving of fair treatment and respect too much to ever hold a title to my actions. I don’t need a cause or a reason to be a good person. I just behave like anyone with common decency would behave. I’m also human and I have my own issues. Don’t vent your anger directly at me because I will correct you and put you in your place in front of everyone as loud as you want to rant and rave right back at you. Every single time these stupid instances have occurred I have verbally shut down and destroyed every person that’s been aggressive towards me. I don’t hold grudges nor do I hate them, but I will not hold back or be silent if you want to attempt to use me as a verbal punching bag.

Good day ladies and gents… and FUCK THIS SHIRT.

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